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September 2023
On the 7th we had our first meeting of the new club year. Susan Alley spoke on identity theft. We voted on the bylaws revisions and proposed club budget. We are now entering the "end game" putting together our Yuletide Bazaar. It's an exciting time with everyone doing their part to make this fundraiser a success!

May 2023
May was our last meeting before summer break. We celebrated the
accomplishments of our wonderful scholarship winners!

Our own  Cindy Reagan spoke on Rex Run for PAWsitivity.
A 5k race celebrating National Dog Day. The club loved the idea so
much we decided to support the cause with a 250 dollar mini-grant
​ and to purchase a booth at the event.

The Saturday after the meeting we attended a Cricut Training

held by Vicki Foster, the expert! We made T-Shirts and bags at the training. We also have plans to make several items for sale at our annual Yuletide Bazaar!

April 2023
Our club participated in the very successful AutoMart Easter Egg Hunt. We had a booth for club information, two booths for kids’ games and one booth to hand out prizes for games. At our games booths children played oversized wooden "Jenga" and "Connect Four "games. The winner received a prize. We donated plastic candy filled eggs for the hunt. Some of the eggs had a note inviting the children to visit the MPWC booth for a special prize.

At our booths we stationed Mrs. Claus, Grandma Claus and Santa. They gave out candy canes and invited families to our November Yuletide Bazaar. At the information booth families were invited to the Bazaar, the club was promoted with Tri-fold brochures and information on club activities. A sign-up sheet for more information was available and we had several women express interest in the club. Stuffed animals, miscellaneous small toys, Easter pencils and chocolate rabbits were donated by club members for prizes. Families were delighted to see the Claus family at an Easter Event as we explained that “This is what they do in the off season”!

March 2023

Ever wonder what Mrs. Claus does on the off season? The club will participate in the AutoMart Easter Egg hunt on April 2nd. Mrs. Claus will play games with kids at our booth. Come join the fun!

February 2023

All committees are going full steam ahead preparing for the next Mountain Pine Woman's Club Yuletide Bazaar! Plans to have a "Real Santa" contest are being made. Kids can come visit with Santa during the bazaar, talk to all the contestants and vote for who they think is the "REAL" Santa.

January 2023

Our donations committee is getting ready for our meeting on the 27th. At this meeting we will decide who we will give our donations to, for the year. We have many great non-profits to choose from so it will be a hard decision.

We are gearing up for our 2023 Yuletide Bazaar! Our marketing team is busy working on promotional ideas. Our crafting teams are busy crafting by sewing, knitting and creating all the amazing handcrafted goods for sale at the event. 

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